Re: Can't receive emails

"Chris" <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:2784BC9B-EE6F-47A3-B9D3-CAAF1742B539@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Gary,

Yes, it should be "downloaded".

Yes, I've searched through all the mail folders. The emails were not
downloaded into Windows Mail at all.

Could this be due to certain functions, commands or programs in Windows Mail
being deactivated?


Do any of your WM folders, Inbox etc, show that you have unread messages in them, i.e.: the message count in the bottom left corner of the task bar?

What makes you think that you had mail to download, did you check at the web page of your provider to confirm that the message list there and the message list in WM are not the same?

Do you access the mail account from more than one PC/Laptop or other application (mobile phone etc) ?

Can you send and receive a test mail from/to yourself?

Regards Steve.