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Meanwhile see if Outlook opens in safe mode

Start > Run > outlook.exe /resetnavpane

(notice the space between outlook.exe and /resetnavpane)


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"PROBLEM WITH OUTLOOK" <PROBLEM WITH OUTLOOK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:620B616D-D7FA-4D24-9DC3-F0827D91A6DB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have a problemopening my outlook.
The error message is 'cannot open outlook window. The set of folders cannot
be opened.Errors have been detected in the file
c:\users\A1\AppData\local\microsoft\outlook\outlook.pst. Quit outlook and
then use the inbox repair tool(scanpst.exe to disgnose & repair error in the
file. For more information about the inbox repair tool see Help'
But I cannot open the inbox in the first place. I tried to run scanpst.exe
and it will not run opnly with a message to check online for solution.
can any one please help provide the solution.