Re: Lost all folder

Search for *.eml and see if you can find the files somewhere. The messages are stored under directories that match the name of the folder in WinMail. See for background. You can also try my Windows Mail Utility to repair the WinMail database to see if that has any impact. And Norton is notorious for messing with OE and WinMail (see point 3 here:, so its better if you can replace it with something less invasive.


"Gene" <Gene@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:B66D6982-49C3-484B-9249-B49566BD679A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I was working in Windows Mail deleting what was in my trash folder and the
software stopped responding. This has happened before when creating emails
and I usually just stop working and the system would catch up and start to
respond. This time when it came back to life, so to speak, all of my folders
disappeared. After reading some of treads, I checked on the "View Folders"
(View-Layout-Folders) tab and that was not it. Right now the only options are
Local Folders that include Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Drafts &
Junk Emails. Under this I used to have a second Inbox that included all of my
folder that I imported for another PC over two years ago and had added to
since then. I'm running Vista Home Premium on a Sony Vio. I also use Norton
Internet Security and have since I purchased the PC. Please HELP!!!! Thank