Re: Windows Mail deleting my emails

There aren't too many IMAP experts here. It could be due to some settings on the server. I would get rid of Zone Alarm and then see if that has an impact. You can also check to see what is running when the computer starts and disable things at startup to see if that has an impact. Some antivirus software may delete the messages also. See point 3 here:


"Becca" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:b099b9cdb137e8af57e724c6f1c1d401@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Okay, can't figure this one out. Windows Mail is deleting choice emails
at random; read, unread, etc. Not too sure which ones it's choosing. I
have already tried to find the option under Properties/Advanced/ to mark
the checkbox for saving emails to the server but that isn't even an
option... possibly only for pop accounts? Mine is an imap. Also the
"Show All Messages" option is already specified. HELP!! Could it be
related to my recent download of Zone Alarm?

Thanks in advance to ANYONE who can help... SO frustrating!