Re: Cannot receive e-mails

Hi, it's me again.

Never mind my question.
I changed port from 995 to 110, and changed security for incoming mail.

Problem solved !

(Next problem: how to get AVG Free Edition back....)


"Janette" wrote:


I have the same problem.
Can send mail, but not receive.

It started when I took my computer to a friend.
Windows Mail was ok there, but it started when I came home.

Already tried to uninstall AVG scanner.
Was not a solution.

Error message:
Het verbinding maken met de server is mislukt. Account: '',
Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Poort: 995, Beveiligd(SSL): Nee,
Socket-fout: 10061, Foutnummer: 0x800CCC0E

Thanks in advance !

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

You're welcome. Thanks for your feedback. The more we hear back
from fix users, the better we can advise future assistance seekers.

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

"FedUpNow" <FedUpNow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3627CD0A-8D74-43CD-903A-FD751E775977@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
THANK YOU so much for your help. Have uninstalled the AVG antivirus and have
now received my e-mails. Just have to reinstall it now and "custom" install
as recommended.

Thanks again.

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

Turning off email scanning in AVG is not sufficient.
Chances are, you installed AVG antivirus using its default install option.
If so, uninstall it, then reinstall, but select 'custom' install, which then
allows you to forego installing the troublesome email scanning module.

While AVG is uninstalled, try Windows Mail again, just to verify that
the culprit has been found.

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

"FedUpNow" <FedUpNow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:FA05A655-C89F-401F-86EE-B345709A95ED@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm running the free AVG version 8.0.138. How do I turn it off - sory am not
very pc literate!

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

That type of error is often caused by interference from a non-
compatible antivirus program. Which antivirus are you running?
As a minimum, email scanning in the antivirus must be turned off.

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

"FedUpNow" <FedUpNow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3DEB4FDC-4D87-4E8F-A3CC-2D0B9F49E9E3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am having a problem receiving e-mails and get the following error message:
The connection to the server has failed. Account: '',
Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No,
Socket Error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

I have checked the settings and they appear to be correct and I have no
problem sending e-mails.

Any ideas?