Re: ie, and email not working

This sounds as if its some other program messing with your system since both IE and WinMail are being affected. You might try clearing the Temporary Internet Files in IE and then also compacting and repairing the WinMail database (use But I suspect its some other program interfering. See point 3 here:

You can try disabling what runs at startup to see if that has any impact.


"soahcalm" <soahcalm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:78CEAE28-4B02-45D6-B9C6-8CF88A518BFF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have vista, this is the second time this year that this has occurred.
after a automatic update, all of a sudden, my typeing is running slow. also
my email send reiceve buton no longer works. and half the the video's on you
tube will not work. I know its not just my computer because if I use fire fox
then my typeing is fine and youtube works. the last time this happened, a
few months later after another automatic update occurred then my email fixed
iself. my server says that all my connection settings are correct and I have
not changed anything. anyone else have this problem. ? I get no error msg
with email, just that the send recieve button is not working.