Re: Availability of Windows Mail

Vista is the only operating system that uses Windows Mail. Is it going to be terminated? No. It already was. All development of Windows Mail ceased in June, 2006, (Yes, while Vista was still beta), and all focus since then has been on Windows Live Mail.

Windows Live Mail (Overview, Features & Download)

Windows Mail will continue to get any security updates if needed as long as Vista is supported, but there will never be any changes to it. Even then it will continue to work, in Vista.
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP [Mail]
Imperial Beach, CA

"Gene L." <Camelotscc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:A8EA065E-C7C1-4DE8-8010-854E4FD5B804@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Windows Mail on my Vista OS works just fine. I like it. It is simple and easy to use by a single non-business user. Is this application going to be terminated? If so how far into the future will it be available? What then?
Thank you for your interest.
Gene L.


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