Re: recovery of deleted e-mails in Windows Mail

You can try a file undelete utility, such as Recuva:

Frankly, the success rate is not very high, and it requires a certain
amount of tech-savvy to use that type of utility.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
Microsoft MVP program:

"Jake428" <Jake428.4bbmwh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:Jake428.4bbmwh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I recently permanently deleted several e-mails from the deleted file and
need to recover them. I have seen different software packages claiming
to do this. I am not a Geek (no ofense) and just have basic computer

My question - are these softward applications easy to use or do you
need to to have higher skill levels? Is is safe to download directly
from the internet?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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