Re: Windows Mail.EXE Error # 0X800C0155,2

"Davy Ravenhorst" <DavyRavenhorst@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:91C55077-AE69-4832-B2BF-A8DE8789079F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lodor, I am also getting the same problem/error you got but I don't use
Windows Live Mail, nor does using this does me no good. And I am using McAfee
SecurityCenter which has no effect. I think I may have done something wrong
(like, change the Security properties of the Windows Mail folder (C:/Program
Files/Windows Mail), so that Windows thinks that someone else is using
Windows Mail. But I don't have any other users other than me. I am the sole
user and owner of the computer Windows Mail is installed on. I am using
Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit, Service Pack 2, as my OS. What could be
causing Windows Mail to not start up? Please help!!

"Lodor" wrote:

After downloading Service Pack 1 I get the following error messages:

"Windows Mail could not be started. the application was unable to open
the windows message store. your Windows Mail mailbox data is currently
being used by another program, such as a virus scanner. Close the
program or wait for it to complete its operation, then open Windows Mail
again. 0x800c015,2

When I click OK I then get:

"Windows Mail could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be

I am using Windows Live One Care Virus software and turning it off
makes no difference.

I did have problems installing Service Pack 1, had to reinstall the
Vista UPGRADE over Vista before SP 1 would install - maybe this is the

Any ideas or solutions welcome ???