Re: emails not on server

You need to configure the Droid to leave the messages on the server.
RR will honor that setting.

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Road Runner- I switched from BlackBerry to Droid, didn't have this problem
with BB, the Verizon store set up my emails on the Droid and I have had this
problem ever since.

"Gary VanderMolen [MVP]" wrote:

Who is the mail service provider?
Some don't honor the "leave copy on server" setting.

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"KimB" <KimB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:E9580B64-9E88-4F33-B210-ECBE6170487A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>I got a new Motorola Droid and have set it up to receive my emails (it >was
> done at the Verizon store) Ever since then, the emails are streaming
> straight through to my phone and not accessible on my laptop. I have > gone
> into the account options and checked "save a copy of email on server > until
> deleted from inbox", but I still cannot access any of my emails on my > laptop.
> Any ideas? Thanks!!
> -- > KimB