Re: Two problems - invisible folders and error 0x800C0155

Have you tried the other functions in the WMUtil program, particularly
"Repair Database"?
Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
Microsoft MVP program:

<robertmiles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:eTyyhtm9KHA.420@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My 32-bit Vista SP2 computer now has Windows Mail problems where most of the
Local Folders (all of them except the Inbox) are invisible to Windows Mail.
I've checked the file structure, and found that the files for the missing
folders (probably over 2 million of them) are still present, but Windows
Mail won't let me see them.

One of my 64-bit Vista SP2 computer now shows the 0x800C0155 error every
time I try to start Windows Mail, and the program won't start. I'm running
a rather long program on that machine I don't want to interrupt (about 40
CPU hours since the last checkpoint; about 70 more CPU hours before that),
or I'd try rebooting it.

My other 64-bit Vista SP2 computer has not had a working internet connection
for the last month.

I've had enough backup problems that all my backups for the last month have
failed, on all three machines.

Any idea how to fix these problems?

Any idea where Vista keeps the list of successful backups so I can tell my
antivirus program to stop interfering with the normal use of that file,
since I've seen signs that that causes at least one of the backup problems?

The latest problems started about the time I ran the WMUtil program on the
first two machines to look for zero-length newsgroup posts files; it found
close to 29000 of them, which I told it to delete.

It's getting late at night, so more details tomorrow if needed.

Robert Miles