Re: windows mail not opening pictures

Which antivirus are you running? Make sure it is not configured to
scan emails.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
Microsoft MVP program:

"paradisi" <paradisi.4b2lwc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:paradisi.4b2lwc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

in the last two days windows mail in Vista doesnt open any pictures in
emails. – not attchments – the pretty pics used by most commercial
emailers – to let you know their logo, their lastest offerings etc etc

All I get is a border with a little x in the top left hand corner

I havent changed anything. (unless the last auto windows update did)

Tools Option Read does not have "read in plain txt" ticked
TO Security does not have "block images" ticked
View "message in html" is greyed out

virus check was done since the problem started

anyone else having this problem? anyone got an idea how to fix the

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