Re: Using Windows Mail in Windows & - $%#$$%#@! MS ruined it!

See the thread "Windows Update kills Windows Mail on Windows 7" 12 May 2010.

Replace msoe.dll in W7 with an updated version from Vista.

Regards Steve.

"Stubbo of Oz" <stubbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:jsgsu5l7d91jqocpd5bvvjjh5llckhe49i@xxxxxxxxxx
I have been using Windows Mail (copied from Vista) in my Windows 7
computer for nearly 6 months without any problems.

Now, since Windows update KB978542 was installed a couple of days ago
it has stopped working.

It appears as a running program in Windows Task manager but the user
interface never appears.

I have done a System Restore to before KB978542 and Windows Mail
started working OK again, Repeated this three time so I have no doubt
that it is KB978542 that has buggered it up.

Has anyone else using Windows Mail in Windows 7 had this experience?

Are MS purposely disabling Windows Mail in Windows 7 just to show us
that they can and to stop us using it?

Oh well, I guess I will have to try #$&*(#$ Windows Live Mail again

And before someone says "use Thunderbird" Ii don't like that either!!

Stubbo of Oz