Re: Identities or Multiple e-mail accounts

Kathy, I am with you all the way on how confusing this is. I thought I had
set it up and pulling my hair out for the last five days. Now it wont let me
in to my mail as apparently I am putting either the wrong user name in or the
wrong password. I dont want to have to log in to check my e.mails, I never
had to before. I have just changed bb supplier, and they gave me so many
bloody password, serial numbers and user names I don't who I am anymore. I
have a mailbox with Yahoo which appears to be working, but you have to sign
in everytime you want to quickly check your e.mails. I have a so many bloody
things to remember now, with my bank account, twitter (who I cannot get to
log in with again, even though I set up an account). MY HEAD IS ABOUT TO
EXPLODE!!!!!!!!! Why does it all have to be so complicated, after all
e.mails are no safer now because of all this.

"Kathy" wrote:

Thank you for your reply but I'm sorry, I'm totally confused. Since this is
a new PC, I'm not importing any of my e-mails from my old PC, I'm just trying
to get both identities to work in Microsoft Mail. My daughter's account is


"Steve Cochran" wrote:

See the directions for importing OE messages here:

When you get to the stage to import from OE6, do not choose to import from
an Identity. Choose to import from a directory and then specify the
directory for that Identity (see also


"Kathy" <Kathy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I just purchased a new PC with Windows Vista and I can't get both mine and
daughter's e-mail addresses to be identitied in Windows Mail. I created
Accounts for each of us in Vista, created the accounts under Windows
Mail/Tools but when I click on File and Identities to switch Identities, I
to a wizard to import the identities and any of the options that I choose
tells me that all identities have been either imported or deleted and then
can't complete the Wizard. Please help!!!!