Re: problems with pdf attachments

You might also send yourself a message with a large (comparably sized) image and see if the same thing happens if an image is involved to see if its related to file type or not.


"Steve Cochran" <scochran@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23MlDSn68KHA.4648@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I don't have a clue then, since you indicated there is no problem in opening it. If the size is huge, there may be some delay in moving it from folder to folder, but otherwise I don't have a clue.


"Duane Hebert" <spoo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uCdf0Q68KHA.5476@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Duane Hebert" <spoo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:O$2erA68KHA.3176@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I use ccleaner daily so that doesn't help.
I tried downloading the WMUtil thing and I will try that.

No luck. Cleanup and rebuild didn't help. If I go to one of my folders with an email with a pdf attachment
and just move the email to another folder, it hangs.

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