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Bruce, Sorry I misstated problem while Compacting. It does this after going through all Folders. Window opens that looks something like below:
Cannot complete as other application is open or in use.

I Click OK to clear Window. I have it Offline.

Thanks Again,

"Bruce Hagen" <BRH@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23G$mL548KHA.1436@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You're welcome. However, Folders.dbx needs to be compacted. But first, is 'Online' the name of a folder you created?
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP [Mail]
Imperial Beach, CA

"Willy" <justask@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:eNUf%23148KHA.3880@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Got it both ways described. Thanks for Tips Bruce. Bruce, OE seems to Compact on it's own every 100 closes of OE. That & manual Compact always end with a Window saying Folders & Online could not be Compacted.

"Willy" <justask@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've got a *.bak (was a *.dbs until OE Compacted it to the Recycle Bin)
Folder in my PC with XP and was wondering how to take that folder & import
it into Windows Mail? I don't want to Restore it on my XP PC with OE as
it will overwrite a folder with newer Email.
Thanks, Bill
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