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Reboot and open OE. Compact manually while offline before you do anything else. Does it still hang?

If you drag that error message out of the way it will show what folder it is stuck on. Normally with SP3 installed, manual compacting will not hang on Folders.dbx while compacting via the prompt will.

If it is Folders.dbx it is hanging on, I would create a new one. Folders.dbx is essentially the brains if the dbx file system and if becomes corrupted, you could lose much of your messages.

Close OE and delete Folders.dbx from the message store.

Tools | Options | Maintenance | Store Folder will reveal the location of your Outlook Express files. Write the location down and navigate to it in Windows Explorer or, copy and paste it into Start | Run.

In WinXP, Win2K & Win2K3, the OE user files (DBX and WAB) are by default marked as hidden. To view these files in Windows Explorer, you must enable Show Hidden Files and Folders under Start | Control Panel | Folder Options Icon | View, or in Windows Explorer | Tools | Folder Options | View.

A new Folders.dbx file will be created when you open OE and you should be able to complete the compacting process now.

So you as not surprised, please read this first.

Consequences of deleting Folders.dbx:
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP [Mail]
Imperial Beach, CA

"Willy" <justask@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23T2Oe758KHA.5476@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bruce, Sorry I misstated problem while Compacting. It does this after going through all Folders. Window opens that looks something like below:
Cannot complete as other application is open or in use.

I Click OK to clear Window. I have it Offline.

Thanks Again,

"Bruce Hagen" <BRH@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23G$mL548KHA.1436@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You're welcome. However, Folders.dbx needs to be compacted. But first, is 'Online' the name of a folder you created?
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP [Mail]
Imperial Beach, CA

"Willy" <justask@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:eNUf%23148KHA.3880@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Got it both ways described. Thanks for Tips Bruce. Bruce, OE seems to Compact on it's own every 100 closes of OE. That & manual Compact always end with a Window saying Folders & Online could not be Compacted.

"Willy" <justask@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've got a *.bak (was a *.dbs until OE Compacted it to the Recycle Bin)
Folder in my PC with XP and was wondering how to take that folder & import
it into Windows Mail? I don't want to Restore it on my XP PC with OE as
it will overwrite a folder with newer Email.
Thanks, Bill
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