Re: One or more of the pictures in this message could not be found

Tools | Options | Send | HTML settings and check the box to include pictures with messages. Note that if the message is in HTML, you will have to reply in HTML.


"montel" <montel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:7249D4BB-0059-4457-9E00-5097DF59B618@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I still am having this same problem. The only way I can get around it is to
remember to go up to view pull down and check on send pictures once I have
the forward scene up. But I can not find anywhere where it will automatically
forward the images without me doing it to all my out going messages.

"charlie" wrote:

I am also getting this message - even if there are no pictures attached! How
do we get answers on this site?

"Robin1013" wrote:

I am actually trying to send a short music file (not a picture), but I'm
still coming up with this msg. Why does it give us the option of inserting
background sounds if it won't work? Why can't I send my song?
Robin S.

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