Re: Windows Update kills Windows Mail on Windows 7

Not true. It affected my 32-bit Win7.

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"Dave" <Dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:udQ87Jh8KHA.1888@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I've heard that it only affects 64 bit W7 machines, like mine was.
I don't have a 64 bit Vista to copy the file from, ATM.

Dave N.
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"Gary VanderMolen [MVP]" <gary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
If you have installed Windows Mail on a Windows 7 computer,
yesterday's update contains a KB978542 patch which changes msoe.dll so
it won't run on Windows 7. I had warned about these types of issues
when Win7 was first released. Microsoft claims it was done for security
reasons, see

To get it working again, replace the new non-working copy of msoe.dll
in Windows 7 with a copy of the new patched version of msoe.dll from a
Vista machine.

Note: I ran into permissions issues when trying to delete the non-working
msoe.dll, so rather than fighting that, I renamed the Win7 Windows Mail
directory to "Windows Mail-X", then I copied and pasted the Windows Mail
directory from the Vista machine. I suspect that Windows Mail will become
less and less compatible with Win7 as time goes along.

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