Re: All Unread Messages are loaded into Inbox As Read

You are very welcome!

rickster;1685390 Wrote:
Well, I tried everythting suggested by Gary, VistaRookie and Steve and
was unable to get my issue resolved. I suspect it has something to do
with AOL and IMAP...

However (and are you ready for this?) I decided to delete my AOL IMAP
account in Windows Mail and set it back up as a POP3 server instead and
found that the Inbox messsages work perfectly with POP3! Them come in
as UNREAD and stay that way until I read them. The downside of this for
me is that POP3 doesn't support synchronization of my AOL personal
folders like IMAP does. So I just re-established them as Local Folders
and copied them over from the AOL IMAP server. Not a perfect solution
but one I can easily live with.

Thanks again for the assistance everyone provided!



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