Re: Wordview.Document.8

Thank you for the help. The first download did the trick. It had a plain .doc
ext. on the file but when I tried to open it then it said I needed a file
ass. for the following: which was as stated. Anyhow now it works and I thenk

"Gary VanderMolen [MVP]" wrote:

I don't know what Wordview.Document.8 is. Are you referring to the
free Word Viewer utility mentioned here? :

Are you able to save the attachment and then open it outside of Windows Mail?
If yes, apply this fix for Windows Mail:

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
Microsoft MVP program:

"Daniel" <Daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:6D228385-43D1-40F9-8FEE-FB0FDC808998@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unable to open the above for a message says need to set up a "file
association" Am running Wind. Vista Premium Home and went to file sharing and
turned on 2 of the switches and clicked on "Apply". and tried again. No luck.
I have opened many documents before with the .doc extention. I did turn the 2
switches off. Is it a bad file or maybe the "Trend Antivirus" program
firewall is preventing this from opening. If so I am done with the darn
thing. But am open to suggestions.