Re: All Unread Messages are loaded into Inbox As Read

Let's try one more idea...I don't know many details about
IMAP accounts. Maybe it is AOL making them change to
read? Once you get the emails into Windows Mail, go
offline - see if they stay unread. Actually disconnect
from the net or click work offline.

WM->File->Work Offline.

rickster;1684994 Wrote:
Tried it... no luck---same behavior... Going to try Steve's suggestion
later today. If that doesn't work I am throwing in the towel...

Appreciate the help. Thanks!

"VistaRookie" wrote:

Try this, boot into Safe Mode With Networking.
If you've never booted into safe mode, when you
boot up, at some point early on, your screen will
say to press an "F" key - what you want to press
is F8. Tap it until you get some indication that
booting has switched and will go into safe mode.
You should get a black screen with a menu.
Choose safe mode with networking. That will
load only basic Windows files. No extra programs.

Then attempt to receive mail and see if it stays
bold (unread).

rickster;1684583 Wrote:

My last attempt to fix this was to do a clean vista install on my
After loading vista and the core drivers needed on my machine, I
Mail and tried again before any real applications like McAfee were
The problem persisted at that point.

I agree with your point at the end about something tampering with
database and/or triggering them to be marked read but this
after the
clean install too... Could it be Microsoft's Malware tool,
or some other Vista tool?

"Steve Cochran" wrote:
Okay, go to Start | Search and type msconfig. Then go to the
Startup items tab and see what is running at startup. Disable
everything and then go to the Services tab and disable all
services. Then reboot and see if you have the same phenomenon.

Its a very odd issue and my only thought is that something is
tampering with the database or its some other process that is
triggering them to be marked read.



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