Re: Error returned on second 'send/receive' mail

One other thing you might try: delete that account in Windows Mail.
Restart Windows Mail, then recreate the account. Accounts can get
corrupted, especially so if you had an antivirus interacting with
incoming emails in the past.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
Microsoft MVP program:

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"hornetmo" wrote:

I use gmail and Windows Mail frontend. When I start Windows Mail and click
Send/Receive all works ok and I either get new mail or none. If I click
Send/Receive again I get "Some errors occurred . . . " but there is nothing
in the box below. At least I can get my mail but have to kill & restart to
get a second time. I'm stumped.

Thanks for the responses. I use AVG free. I uninstalled AVG, cleaned the
registry and rebooted then tried WM with the same results. I have the same
computer at a different location and don't have this problem. Here the DSL
provider is Nehalem Tel. Other is Charter. I'm wondering if there is a
setting in WM or gmail that is not quite right. Nehalem Tel says its not
there problem. I have not waited 5 minutes so will try that after this
typing. Again thanks for the suggestions