Re: Changing column views

Doing this makes no difference. I should have advised that it only does it
on 'imported' folders, not local folders. Never mind, but does look like a
bit of a glitch....

"mac" wrote:

"Vic33" <Vic33@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
When I go into view-> columns and change the columns that I want to see in
view, it only saves the changes for that session. IE when I go back into
Mail later it has reset to the original columns! How do I keep the view
changes that I want permanently??

Different groups of WM folders have separate column headings to select, so
you need to do it in the specific folder.

Try another method of setting your columns, Right click on one of the column
headings and choose Columns, select the ones you want on a per folder basis.

Regards Steve.