Re: Emails diverted to Drafts folder

It sounds like the database doesn't know what it is doing.
You can try compacting and repairing the database and
see if that helps. Steve Cochran's program is
donationware/freeware. Might straighten things out. I
don't think you have to try it on a lot of machines, if it
doesn't work on one, it probably won't work on more.
Wouldn't have any idea about what is causing it though.

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Anna;1679627 Wrote:
Windows Mail: I'm seeing incoming mail going into the Drafts folder, and
outgoing mail saved to the Drafts folder. Not all mail, but a lot of it.
The same is happening in Windows 7 with Live Mail using a POP3 ISP
account, not Hotmail.

On the computers on which I've seen it, it's a relatively recent
that didn't exist before. Possibly related to some Windows Update?

I have some very irritated people badgering me about this and just
find an answer. Any light on the subject would be warmly welcomed.



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