Re: lost subfolders on window mail

I'm not sure what you tried, but the folders should be under the message store location under Local Folders. See . If you have McAfee, I would dump it as it has caused problems for years: see point 3 here:

Given that Microsoft no longer has any support for WinMail and its very buggy, I would back up important messages frequently.


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I have the same problem as Nick. I followed Steves advice but my folders
are not in the Windows Mail file. I looked in my recycle bin: I am
worried my McAfee Security Center has 'disappeared' it a few weeks ago,
there are other files there (of older and newer age) but not my several
'Kept Email' folders so it doesn't seem to be there.

Anyone have any other ideas of where the subfolders have gone?
Thanks :confused:


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