Re: Second E-Mail Account (Address)

The Inbox folder should collect incoming messages from all POP3 accounts.
Check this: Go to Tools, Accounts, select that second account, click Properties.
On the General tab make sure "Include this account..." is checked.

Can you go to the webmail access for the second account, and are the
missing messages sitting there, ready to be downloaded?

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
Microsoft MVP program:

"Noland Harper" <noland.harper@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uz8rUEu6KHA.5464@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I can send using the second e-mail address, but the e-mail does not appear
in the Inbox. I have even tried switching the default account, but the
message still will not appear in the Inbox. When I click Send/Receive, it
does not appear. I can change the "From:" on any message that I send - it
is a simple drop down - but there is no such option in the Inbox.

Thank you.

"Noland Harper" <noland.harper@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:...
I have set up a second e-mail account using the same POP3 and SMTP servers
(provided by the ISP) as I used to set up the first e-mail account. The
first e-mail address is working fine, but when I send an e-mail to the
second address (from the default account), it does not appear in the Inbox.
The e-mail does appear in the Sent Items folder with no errors.

How do I access the second account to receive/send e-mails?

Thank you for your solution(s).


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