Re: Emails diverted to Drafts folder

On 26/04/2010 06:30, Gary VanderMolen [MVP] wrote:
I have not heard of this particular problem before. If it was caused by
Windows Update, we'd be seeing many more reports like yours.

Which antivirus are you running? Some of them cause problems with
Windows Mail over time. Make sure your antivirus is not configured to
scan emails. As a test, you should also temporarily disable any third
party security software and downloaded toolbars, just to see if it makes
a difference.

What do you mean by "Live Mail", Windows Live Hotmail or Windows Live Mail?

Thank you so much for responding. I'm sorry to have taken time to get
back to you, but I needed to contact the people concerned, get them to
disable email scanning and test the result for a few days. I'm sorry to
say, it has made no difference to incoming/outgoing email being diverted
to Drafts.

To address your points:

I appreciate that if a Windows Update were the cause, you would have
seen more comments about it.

The people concerned aren't all using the same antivirus program. Mostly
AVG or Avast.

None of them has any third-party browser toolbars. I know this because I
look after their computers and make sure they don't!

None of them has any further security software except Windows Defender
installed by default.

One has a computer barely one month old, which doesn't quite comply with
problems between Windows Mail and antivirus arising 'over time'

By "Live Mail" I meant Windows Live Mail configured to use an ISP POP3

I do realise this is a very obscure and seemingly rare problem. In a lot
of googling I've seen only a few references to it, and none of the
technical groups to which I'm subscribed can come up with a solution,
but it's a major headache! If I can't find any answer, I guess my best
option is to switch those users over to another email program, such as
the one I use which has never exhibited such strange behaviour.