Re: Security in Windows Mail

Qwest has some three different mail services. We would have been able
to help the OP much quicker if he had disclosed the part of his email
address after the @ symbol, probably, in which case the
following setup instructions apply:

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
Microsoft MVP program:

" mac" <macknever@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:A5BABF6C-819C-4D58-BD64-7E6D19A2A18A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Keithman" <Keithman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
First off... I want to appologize for yelling. I was very frustrated. I
to and used their troubleshooting suggestions. According to them
probably received an email that corrupted the account. It was suggested
I go to my Live account and delete all current emails. I did that. No joy.
Then I did as was suggested here and removed the account. Then I added an
account like I was starting over per Qwest instructions. So far so good.
least it's starting up normally. Again my APPOLOGIES for yelling. Thanks
all of your help.

Thanks!!! Have A Great Day!!! Keith

"PARDON ME!!! I missed it!!!"

Apology accepted for your earlier yelling also.

Pleased to hear that you got your Quest account working, but why did you try
to set up, or even what happened to your .live account?

Regards Steve.


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