Re: All Unread Messages are loaded into Inbox As Read

You could try a system restore to a date before this
started happening.

To be sure it isn't McAfee, you will have to completely
uninstall McAfee using their removal tool and reinstall
with the scanning option turned off.

McAfee removal tool:

Details why scanning isn't necessary:
'OETips' ( 'Why you don't need
your anti-virus to scan your email - A Cloudeight Information Avenune

rickster;1681599 Wrote:
I have McAfee Security Center and I've disabled the e-mail and IM
filtering to no avail. I'll try disabling the Virus Scan and see if
that does anything. I have no other e-mil accounts besides the AOL
account. What's somewhat peculiar is that when I first launch Windows
mail it loads up the Inbox with new messages and they are all identified
as Read. If a new e-mail comes in while I have Windows mail open, it
comes in as Unread (bold). Then after some period of time which I
haven't measured yet (but several minutes for sure), it gets marked as
Read without it ever being viewed or opened.

I suspected it was the READ setting that allows you set a time limit
when a message automaticallt turns to Read when viewed for "n" seconds
but I disabled that and it did nothing. I'm wondering if it's because
at one time
I had the AOL account set up as a POP3 server and then switched to
deleted that POP server account but I wonder if it's still "hanging
and intercepting mail?. I wish there was a way to uninstall and or
Windows Mail. Something's just flakey...

Any suggestions would be appreciated...

"Gary VanderMolen [MVP]" wrote:
Which antivirus are you running? Some of them cause problems with
Windows Mail over time.

Do you have any other mail account besides AOL, and if so, does
it have the same issue?

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
Microsoft MVP program: 'Microsoft Most Valuable Professional'


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