Re: "some of the files could not be found"

Close the file and it'll go through.
Sometimes I forget this.

"Ciska" wrote:

I found that out by experience,
But perhaps you can help me with this:
When I try to send a file with the email through send to ... The email
window doesn't give a button SEND. This is not specific for Vista because a
friend has the same problem in windowsXP.
This is highly inconvenient.

Ciska Zuur

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

That is correct. Vista's security insists that a file be closed
before it can be attached to an outgoing email.

Gary VanderMolen

"ropedaddy" <ropedaddy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:83A51B70-FD72-45AD-8105-1B35B800C737@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I was getting the same message for an excel file. I closed the open worksheet
in Excel - leaving Excel open - and that fixed the problem. It appears that
on Vista is the file you want to send is open you cannot attach it to an
outgoing meesage.

"LAR" wrote:

Thanks. I think it is that the document is open, not that Word is open.


"jimmuh" wrote:

Heh. Just a few posts down from yours is someone else with, maybe, the same
problem. And the issue there was, indeed, that Word was still open. The
problem would be that the mail program can't get ahold of the file because
Word still "owns" it.

"hero2zero" wrote:

Hi there,

I am trying to send a word file that contains song lyrics to a member of my
band. I am using Vista and Office Home & Student 2007 and each time I try and
attach the file it states that

'Some of the files could not be found, and could not be attached to the
message. Would you like to send the message anyway?'

Could somebody spread some light on this for me please. I am not using
office for a commercial purpose at all