Re: "Spam" in the subject line

There is nothing in Windows Mail that can tag messages as spam. If you did not install a spam program, perhaps your mail server has. Check their site.
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP [Mail]
Imperial Beach, CA

"Ryanagt" <Ryanagt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:87395B70-D558-445E-B35F-1EDEA7EBEF77@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
All incoming e-mails are tagged as "Spam" in the subject line. Most of which
do not automatically get sent to the "Junk Mail" folder. I tried to change
the "Junk e-mail options" but nothing has worked so far. Even the addresses
that I put into the "safe sender" list still come in tagged as "Spam". This
is my work e-mail and it looks bad when I reply to the sender and "Spam" is
in the subject line, I don't catch them all to change them.
Any solutions will be helpful.


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