Re: Use more SMTP servers

Thank for your reply. I'm now using the option using a hybrid account. I
works well. Thanks again!

"Dave" wrote:

Well, you can't do that, because you need to use the SMTP server associated
with your email account.
Some possible options are:
1. Use webmail, which you can access anywhere.

2. Use IMAP or http mail, which you can access anywhere.

3. If you have a POP3 account, you can set up a hybrid account. Get a
Gmail email account, and use their SMTP server to send, while using your
normal account for receiving. It's a bit more complicated to set up, as you
have to enter different username/passwords, server names, and port numbers
for both Incoming and Outgoing.

Dave N.
MS-MVP (Mail)
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"mark.k" <mark.k@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Is it possible to use more than one SMTP server in Windows Mail? I'm
on my notebook on different locations with different internet providers. I
now have to switch manually from server each time I want to send mail. I
Windows Mail to check witch preferred SMTP server is available and use