Re: All Unread Messages are loaded into Inbox As Read

"rickster" <rickster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:A8734C15-696E-4304-ACCB-4903E8A227FD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am using Windoes Mail on Vista-x64. My mail account is with AOL and
Windows Mail is configured to use it as an IMAP server. There are no
problems sending or receiving e-mails except that all e-mail coming into the
Inbox are never in BOLD to indicate they are unread. They are all loaded as
if they were read. I can manually set an e-mail to Unread and in that case
it will hold the message in BOLD indicating it is unread and it stays that
way even if I close and reopen Windows mail. This started happening
recently and I'm not sure what triggered it. Any help would be appreciated!

Not particularly conversant with the workings of AOL mail.

Did you check at your AOL online mailbox to see if the messages are still showing as unread prior to downloading them?

Two possible causes spring to mind:

1) You have set up a mail rule that is marking all mail as read? Tools>message rules.

2) Someone else as access to your online Account PW/UN?

Regards Steve.