Re: unable to send emails

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Been checking it again & it does seem to be working ok,however on
Windows Mail it shows the local Folders,Inbox,sent etc etc,then
underneath it also shows Inbox,sent etc etc,can i remove
these & just use Windows Local Folders as when the emails come in i get
the emails in to Windows Mail & also into

That is normal for an IMAP account.

To have it the way that you describe you need to remove the IMAP account and set it up as a POP3 type account.

Watch out for losing messages, not sure how much you have on the server or of your settings on the gmail website?
When you delete the IMAP account the folders and messages will go with it.

Just in case I would create a New folder and copy all your inbox messages to that first for safe keeping.

Get back if you have any problems/questions.

Regards Steve.