Re: disappearing e-mail

Windows Mail does not have the capability to add the word 'Spam'
to the subject line of incoming emails. If that is happening, it is done by
a third party security program. It is a very bad practice to allow your
security programs to mess with your email.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
Microsoft MVP program:

"ljhome" <ljhome@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:542A4BE0-8427-44C1-AA4E-C8892EA82D28@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Some of my email disappears, too. As I watch the messages download, some of
them turn red, the word "Spam" appears in the subject line and then they are
gone. I have view set to view all and I have spam filtering set to put
suspect messages in the spam folder for my review. They are not going to the
spam folder or the trash folder, they are just gone. This happens with mail
where the sender is a contact in my address book. I have lost bank account
statements, bills, email from friends I regularly correspond with and who
knows what else. It is very frustrating. I have opted for paperless billing
on everthing, but half the time I don't get my online bill because windows
deletes them.

"mac" wrote:

"Trish1856" <pmf1856@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
This has happenend several times: Vista; When I open my e-mail, some
just disappears, it's not in any folder, it's just gone. I''ve read other
threads that say make sure you are are set to show all messages and I am.
What next?

Try also View menu>current view and disable .Group messages by
conversation', can you see the messages now?

Regards Steve.