Re: Windows Mail fails when connecting to AIM.COM mail server

I did not know about Security Essentials. Thanks!

"Gary VanderMolen [MVP]" wrote:

Norton 360 will eventually cause problems with Windows Mail also.
Microsoft Security Essentials is 100% compatible, and free:

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I "fixed" it. It turns out that Symantec Endpoint Protection (anti
virus/anti spyware package) was hosing things.
I had configured it to NOT scan email, but it appeared to ignore that setting.

To test this, I disabled SEP and I could send and receive email just fine.
So, I ended up uninstalling it and I installed Norton 360.

I did not do anything to SEP lately, except to install the latest virus
signature updates. Apparently that update somehow broke things.

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I tried to post this earlier, but I don't see it. Sorry if this is a

You got two replies to that post.

one from me as follows:

I believe that aim now use IMAP accounts instead of POP3?

See down this page for setup instructions:


And one from Gary VanderMolen, as follows:

As far as I know, the AIM server does not support port 995 or SSL.
Go to Tools, Accounts, select that account, Properties, Advanced,
then uncheck the SSL option, which should automatically change the
port to 110.

Note: AOL/AIM doesn't officially support POP any longer, but it may
still work. If port 110/no SSL also fails, switch to the IMAP settings
recommended by AOL/AIM:


Regards Steve.