Re: UK English spell checker.

Instead of comparing software to automobiles that does get old, it is more appropriate to compare computer software to other software such as music and movies. We can purchase those and they don't need to be upgraded. Computer software might need revision due to other changes external to them, but otherwise they forever continue to work as good as new.

In the context of this discussion, email has not changed, so I can understand hodroyd's frustration of being forced to adjust to changes that are not necessary.

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Which money charges are you objecting to, such as when upgrading
from XP to Windows 7?
When you exchange your still running 2001 automobile for a new 2010
model, do you complain about having to pay money for it, even though
you may not use all the improvements in the newer model?

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Except what is the benefit in this situation? email is the same. The only
benefit is that Microsoft gets to charge us money to upgrade operating
systems. Certainly people are not benefiting from an improved email client
when the upgrade beyond XP, but Microsoft does charge us money to get
improvements, even when we can't use the improvements or don't want them. We
must pay in order to get other improvements that we need. It is especially
frustrating when they require the purchase of newer versions of software to
get fixes to previous problems, and they do do that.

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The world of software is in a constant state of flux. The sooner
you accept that, and roll with the punches, the better off you will be.

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"hodroyd" <hodroyd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Gary, Thank you for the input. "Windows Mail, the next step up from
Express" is how Microsoft portrayed Mail and yet it no spell check as
Now we have to change again to Live Mail? Why not just get it right first
time around, we do not all have the time to keep fiddling about with
issues, just so that we can get email.

"Gary VanderMolen [MVP]" wrote:

The proper solution is to upgrade to Windows Live Mail, which has spell
for 37 languages, including UK English.

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"hodroyd" <hodroyd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have the same problem, NO ENGLISH ENGLISH, just Amercan English. Half
> world use ENGLISH ENGLISH, but not Microsoft. An ENGLISH dictionary
> surely is
> available on some software somewhere, can Microsoft not make programs
> that
> the world can use correctly, or had they not thought of that? Pay your
> money,
> get screwed, laughable in this day and age. Anybody got any ideas??
> -- > hodroyd
> "Colin" wrote:
>> Does anyone know how to get Windows Mail to check spelling using UK
>> English?