Re: I've got a virus

Drywaller;1254601 Wrote:
I have a problem with windows mail. when I send a message out with an
attachment (pic), the receiving party gets 5 copys. The first one to
in there inbox is reported to have a virus,(so says yahoo mail),the
copies are reported as clean. I can send attachments with text only and
go thru just fine. Today I sent to myself an email with an attachment
had text and animation, I received in my inbox 1 copy and the other 4
appeared in my Deleted items folder. I have scanned my system
many times with several programs and came up empty handed.
Windows Vista Business Service Pack 2 Explorer 8.0.6001.188821033 Norton
360 English Retail
I just replaced the hard drive and up graded to vista business. This
got aboard before my norton 360 was installed. ANY IDEAS ON FIXING THIS
Thanks Bill

You might want to dump Norton and try MSE (Microsoft Security
Essentials) Free and Malwarebytes (Free). Sounds like you have nothing
to lose.