RE: Lost messages from inbox

I have also lost messages from my Inbox. This is how it happened - and I can
recreated the instance.
As I was reading mail in my Inbox, I clicked on 1 or 2 other folders (Junk
Mail, Deleted Mail), and when I clicked back on my Inbox, every email that
had been read was gone, only the unread messages were still there.
I could not find them in my Junk Mail or deleted mail.
I checked to make sure that "Show All Message" was selected while viewing
the Inbox - it was, and had been all along.
I had been saving a lot of old mail (2 yrs worth) now all gone!

"Frik" wrote:

I have lost all my messages which were in my inbox and I don't know how to
retrieve them. This is the third time this has happened which is EXTREMELY
frustrating and problematic. I am sure that it is archived somewhere but how
do I access it?