Re: Can´t delete email account Windows Mail

Thanks for the answers. My version of Windows Mail is in the Dutch language.
And there is no "Tools" in the menu, it is called "Extra". Now that is
clarified, I will follow your instructions. I will post the results soon.

I think computers don''''t think, but I''''m not sure...

"VistaRookie" wrote:

There is no "extra" anywhere in Windows Mail.
However, on the chance that you are just using
the wrong words to describe the proper
procedure, stop scanning emails with your anti
virus program. It is preventing you from
deleting that account.

Email scanning is redundant at best and harmful
to the email database at worst.
'OETips' (
'Why you don't need your anti-virus to scan your email - A Cloudeight
Information Avenune Tutorial'

The only way you would know for sure that is
the problem, is to uninstall your anti-virus and
then see if the removed account is truly gone.

When you reinstall your anti-virus, uncheck the
option to scan emails, so it is turned off during
the reinstallation process.

hsc;1671917 Wrote:
I want to delete an old email account. When I do so by clicking on
"Extra" and on "Accounts", I can remove that particularly account. But
when I close the application en start it up again, the deleted account
is back, alive and kicking!

Does anybody know's how I perminently delete my old account?
I think computers don't think, but I`m not sure...


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