RE: "Contacts can not be loaded" Windows mail error

"Supergreek" wrote:

When I try to open up windows mail I get the message "Contacts failed to
load". When I hit OK i get a new message "Windows mail cannot be started, the
application was unable to initialize the Windows Contacts. Your computer may
be out of memory or the hard drive may be full (error code0x8004104E) ." My
computers drive is not full and I am not out of memory. After I hit OK to
that it says that Windows Mail failed to load because MSOE.DLL failed to
load. When I turned my computer on this evening (I had never turned it off) I
got a weird message saying something about windows mail closing to protect
the computer and when I hit the What Is This? button it said that it may have
closed because a virus or something may be trying to load.

All help is greatly appreciated