Re: Windows Mail could not be started

"Ellen Ileia Foundation" <Ellen Ileia Foundation@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:AFB4D46A-A3B7-4214-8054-F7C63F6CBE6E@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm trying to do a mail merge in Word 2007 using Outlook as our standard
email programme, however when I try sending emails in HTML format I get an
error message that Window Mail could not be started. When sending emails as
an attachement or RTF there is no problem.
Any help is appreciated-Thank you.

Go to Default Programs, either from the Start Menu or in the Control Panel>set your default programs, wait for the list to populate and ensure that MS Outlook has all its defaults set.

You need to use a newsgroup for Office Outlook for any other problems with it, thanks.

Regards Steve.