Re: This language is no longer available for spell checking

Thanks, good information. I w

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

In the main screen of Windows Mail, (not the compose screen), go to
Tools, Options, Spelling.
First select another language, click Apply. Then reselect English and click OK.

If you are asking about Messenger, you will need to post in its dedicated

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

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9/16/09 ~8:45pm(edt)

SDCB asks: How do I get to the Windows Vista "tools" area that will enable
me to select the language preference I desire for my Windows Messanger Spell

"vz" wrote:

I found help You have to go to tools in vista not the email tool.

"Becky Jo" wrote:

I have the exact same problem as Irish - no Options. I'm new to Vista - is
this one of the "improvements" we get with Vista??
Becky Jo

"Irish" wrote:

I go to tools, like everyone is saying, but when I do that there is no
options for me to click on too. There is a spelling one to click on too.
But is I click on to that I just get the same message "This language is no
longer available for spell checking." Where do I find where I can choose a