Re: windows mail could not be started- MSOE.DLL could not be initi

Thank you, Steve. I can't help except I think the fact that "MSOE.DLL could not be initialized" is an important clue. That is probably enough information for one of the experts to help.

"Steve" <Steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:E25D6421-24A7-4263-8A36-68FCB8EE9DAE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for your suggestion that I should provide the complete message they
were as follows: From WinMail.exe- “Windows Mail could not be started. The
application was unable to initialize the Windows Contacts. Your computer may
be out of memory or your disk is full. (0x08000FFFF)”; and Windows Mail-
“Windows Mail could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized.”

"Sam Hobbs" wrote:

If you are sincerely asking for help, then you need to provide more than
just the error code. Copy the complete error message into the clipboard and
paste in a reply. There is critical information in the error message that
the experts need; it is unlikely they can help just from the error code

"Steve" <Steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Whoops! The above error code was (0x8000FFFF). I've had this computer > &
> its
> installed programs for over a year now and this problem only developed
> today-
> immediately following my backup file copying. I downloaded only > documents
> &
> contacts for each of the users on my computer-- I was the only unlucky
> user
> who received the error code messages.
> "Steve" wrote:
>> I downloaded, for backup purposes, all user documents into seperate >> user
>> folders onto my 4 GB flashdrive. I am now unable to open windows >> mail,
>> but
>> the two other users are not having any trouble with windows mail. I >> have
>> the
>> windows vista operating system.