Re: windows mail could not be started- MSOE.DLL could not be initializ

If you are sincerely asking for help, then you need to provide more than just the error code. Copy the complete error message into the clipboard and paste in a reply. There is critical information in the error message that the experts need; it is unlikely they can help just from the error code 0x8000FFFF.

"Steve" <Steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:B4DAD246-1586-4787-9EF3-26666B24DEBB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Whoops! The above error code was (0x8000FFFF). I've had this computer & its
installed programs for over a year now and this problem only developed today-
immediately following my backup file copying. I downloaded only documents &
contacts for each of the users on my computer-- I was the only unlucky user
who received the error code messages.

"Steve" wrote:

I downloaded, for backup purposes, all user documents into seperate user
folders onto my 4 GB flashdrive. I am now unable to open windows mail, but
the two other users are not having any trouble with windows mail. I have the
windows vista operating system.