Re: Logon to Windows Mail

Hi mac thanks for your prompt response, my mail provider is orange and my ISP
is bt. I finally got to the bottom of the problem although I must of spaent
at least an hour on the phone to both companies, luckily they were free phone

Basically orange had suspended my account for no apparent reason, although I
suspect it was because I haven't logged on through the orange home page for
months, I always use Windows Mail.

Is Live Mail any different to Windows Mail and if I create an account with
the same email address as the standard mail will I still retain all of my
folders and emails?


"mac" wrote:

"joelpeyton" <joelpeyton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, I've been using windows mail for ages, but now I have just been asked
a Username and Password.

I have no idea what these maybe!!!!!!

Does any one know what format the username may come in as I've tried all
ones I generally use.

Thanks in advance

Hi Joel, the username is generally your full email address, or the part
beyond the @, depending on your mail provider.
The password is the one that you chose when setting up the account.

It is possible to reset your password at the website of your mail provider,
but you will have to answer some security questions, which you also chose
when setting up the account.

Who is your mail provider or ISP if the same?

Regards Steve.


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