Re: Windows Mail vs live mail

WLM imports all your WM info automatically when you install it on Vista.
Why do you say it doesn't work?
What have you tried?

Dave N.
MS-MVP (Mail)
Windows 7 Ultimate

"AWS" <AWS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:0C1B5456-C3B8-4321-A367-3A95E2381158@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
It seems you praise WLM!
I and utter millions of other users hate the thing.
Have you ever tried to import mail or accounts from WM to WLM? It just
doesn't work. There is no provision for that at all! WLM is manure, nothing
else, and I'm sure Msft knows about it. If they don't include a proper email
client to W7 SP1, I'll never use it.
I went back to VISTA after I had installed W7, immediately.

"Dave" wrote:

Windows Live Mail is the newer program, and replaces Windows Mail which
comes with Vista.
Both are email programs and newsreaders.

WLM has an integrated calendar which synchs with your online Live/Hotmail
WLM can access Hotmail/Live/MSN http email accounts, which WM cannot.
WLM can synch your contacts with the online Windows Live Hotmail, if you
sign in with a Live ID.
WLM can access RSS feeds.
WLM can auto-complete typed in email addresses from the Contacts, WM only
remembers 29 typed-in addresses.
WLM has separate Inbox, Drafts, Sent items, Junk email and Deleted items
folders for each email account. WM dumps all email into one Inbox.
WLM has 37 spell check languages, WM has 4.

WM can let you view the source code when composing a message, WLM cannot.
WM has not been updated since Vista was released.

WLM and WM can now both access Hotmail POP3 accounts, since MSFT has added
that service.

No one seems to like the pale colors, lack of highlighting, and lack of
toolbar icons in the current version of WLM.
Hopefully, MSFT makes some changes in the next release.

Windows 7 RC

"Magsmom" <Magsmom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I am a newbie to Vista and my computer came loaded with Windows Mail,
> which I
> assume is the new "Outlook Express". What is the difference between
> Windows
> Mail and Windows Live Mail?


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