Unknown Error

I find it incredible that Microsoft will allow crappy software to pervade
their software regime. I am helping my son with his exemail email to do the
simple task of deleting his "Deleted Items" folder that contains over 3000
items. Some items can be deleted one at a time but after a few successful
deletions the "Unknown Error" appears and one must jump to a new item on the
list to see if it can be deleted. selecting several items to be deleted at
once nearly always results in "Unknown Error". The task of deleting is so
time consuming and frustrating that the deleted item folder just grows hence,
my involvement. I suggest the best thing that Microsoft can do is get out of
email and let the experts like Google and Yahoo help people keep their sanity.
Can you, help with this problem? Please contact Greg on
greggoodieson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx . That is the account where the problem occurs.
thanking you in anticipation.