Re: mail on server, but not coming through WM

Go back to your inbox on the webmail page & double-check the date & timestamp of the "missing" messages and confirm that they were indeed received within the last 12-24 hours or so.

While you're there, see if one or more of the "missing" messages is a HUGE size (i.e., the message has a very large attachment)?

Back in Windows Mail, send a message From yourself To yourself as a test, then see if it downloads into Windows Mail after an appropriate interval.

If it doesn't, check to see if it's in the inbox on the webmail page.

PS: Is it a name@xxxxxxxxxxx or name@xxxxxxx account by any chance?

Kelly wrote:
Thnak you PA Bear,

I haven't received any messages in WinMail today;

I do not have any other e-mail clients set up, although I am thinking of
figuring out how to disable Win Mail (they do not make that easy at all) and
go back to Outlook which I have used for years...just thought i'd try Win
Mail...guess I shouldn't changed what was working well.

"PA Bear [MS MVP]" wrote:
Pick one: (a) You haven't received any messages in WinMail today; (b)
Messages arrive but you can't see/find them, or (c) You get an error
message when you attempt to receive messages? (If the latter, post the
complete/verbatim error message.)

Do you access the same email account in another Mail Client (e.g., Outlook
or Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail on another computer)?
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Client - since 2002

Kelly wrote:
Is there anyone who might be able to help me? Could this be a server issue
or a Windows Mail issue...?

"Kelly" wrote:
Just got a new computer (Vista) set up Windows Mail, worked fine past
couple of days then today no e-mails have come through, very unusual, so
checked my server and there were several on the server. I have poked
around behind the scenes on WM to no avail...anyone have any thoughts on
what I could do please?


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